Latronic AC Transfer switch 2 Way

Latronic AC Transfer switch 2 Way

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ACTS2 - 2 Way 40 Amp Autormatic AC Transfer switch for Inverters

Eliminate the need to manually switch your power sources and spend more time enjoying life. The unit senses AC power from various sources, eg. inverter / generator / mains power, and automatically switches the output between the various sources accordingly. With prioritised inputs, the most appropriate power source is always selected.

Indicators clearly display when each of the AC power sources and AC output power are available. The generator input also comes with voltage sensing and time delays to ensure the generator has warmed up and the voltage is stable before switching to generator power. The generator voltage is continuously monitored and in the unlikely event the generator voltage becomes unstable the device switches to another power source until the generator voltage restabilises.

There are 2 models available: a 25Amp transfer switch with 3 AC inputs or a 40Amp transfer switch with 2 AC inputs. Both models comply with marine and mobile wiring standards and come in a sealed, weather proof enclosure.