Gridpower 5 Kw Complete Kit

Gridpower 5 Kw Complete Kit

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Gridpower 5 Kw Complete Kit (28 X 175 Watt Panels)

Through the use of a Grid-Interactive inverter, solar panels on your roof feed power into the electricity grid.

The power that is fed into the grid is metered, as is the power you consume. Through agreement with your local supply authority, you only pay for the power you use that is in excess of the power you produce. If your system repeatedly produces more than you consume, your retailer will pay you for the excess power.

With the current cost of electricity, which is relatively low, the monetary payback time for these systems is around 25 years (with inflation taken into account). With energy prices expected to rise sharply in coming years and with new pricing structures, such as 'time of use metering' currently being implemented, the monetary payback time will reduce significantly.

The financial return calculations do not take into account the benefits to the community through reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the public's perception of an individual's, or corporation's, environmental behaviour.

The primary motivation of our customers is generally not financial, but more a desire to reduce their impact on the environment. Some prefer our battery backed grid-feed systems which alleviate problems with blackouts and others just like the technology.