ePRO Battery Charger – 12V 90A

ePRO Battery Charger – 12V 90A

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Invertech offers a new programmable ePRO battery charger that takes battery charging technology to new heights. The ePRO battery chargers are equipped with the latest power conversion techniques to set new reliability and efficiency standards. Features of the ePRO programmable battery chargers.

The ePRO 12V 90A, 24V 50A and 80A models combine new power conversion techniques and the best available parts with years of power electronics design expertise. The ePRO battery chargers are developed to perform without problems in the most demanding environments. A unique active rectifier output stage ensures unmatched efficiency figures. Combined with active PFC, the ePRO battery chargers are very energy efficient. This will reduce running costs and guarantees a maximum charge current per AC Watt.

All ePRO battery chargers are equipped with advanced 4 stage charging algorithms and temperature compensation for optimal battery performance and long lifetimes. Users are also allowed to create a custom charging algorithm for their specific battery, using the “Dashboard” software. ePRO battery chargers are also suitable to charge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries. The standard available TBSLink port enables remote control and readout via the optional TBS Remote Controls.

All ePRO battery charger models, are equipped with 3 full current isolated outputs, allowing simultaneous charging of 3 battery banks. Additionally, these models allow up to 6 units to be connected in parallel, reaching charging current levels of up to 540Amps!
ePRO applications.

The features and built quality of the ePRO programmable battery chargers allow these chargers to be used in a wide range of applications. Some of these applications include industrial-, marine- and recreational vehicle power systems.

Charger Features:   

  •     Robust design
  •     Fully programmable
  •     Universal input with PFC
  •     3 full current outputs
  •     Protected against high temp., short circuit, reverse polarity
  •     Parallel connectable (up to 6 units)
  •     Variable speed fan for silent operation
  •     Intelligent charging algorithms
  •     Remote on/off and alarm relay connections
  •     2 Year Warranty from an Australian company renowned for customer support.
Model Number
EPBC-1290 EPBC-2450   EPBC-2480                      
AC input voltage

100-260Vac / 47-63Hz / PF > 0.9

Full load power consumption  1550VA 1700VA 2750VA
AC input current (115V/230V)   13.5A/6.8A 15A/7.5A -/12A
Total DC output current 90A 50A 80A
Nominal DC output voltage  12Vdc 24Vdc
Number of full current outputs  3 (internally isolated)

Charge characteristic IUoUoP, intelligent 4-stage, temp. compensated
Standard absorption voltage  14.4Vdc  28.8Vdc
Standard float voltage 13.5Vdc 27.0Vdc
Standard equalize voltage 15.8Vdc 31.6Vdc
Supported battery types Flooded / Gel / AGM / LiFePO4 / Custom
Recommended battery capacity 180-900Ah 100-500Ah 160-800Ah
DC current draw (charger off) < 0.1mA
Operating temp. Range -10°C…+55°C (humidity max. 90% non condensing)
Storage temp. Range -20°C…+70°C (humidity max. 90% non condensing)
Cooling Variable speed fan
ePRO Link enabled Yes
Protections Low AC input voltage, output short circuit, high temperature, battery overcharging and reverse polarity (fuse)
Indications Power on, output current, state of charge, error
DC output connections 4x M8 bolts
AC input connections Screw terminals
Enclosure body size (HxWxD) 370 x 271 x 132mm
Total weight 6.2kg
Protection class IP21 (mounted in upright position)
Standards CE marked. EMC : EN55016-2-1(/A1), EN55016-2- 3(/A1), EN 61000-4-2(3/4/5/6). Safety : EN60335-1, EN60335-2-29 Complies with AS/NZS 60335.2.29 Including Australian deviations.