Battery Charger 7 Amp 24 Vdc

Battery Charger 7 Amp 24 Vdc

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7 Amp 24 Vdc Battery Charger Fully Automatic (Intelligent) with Extruded Heat Sink.

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This Battery charger will suit automotive, electric wheelchairs, and scooters Batteries.

Important - This type of charger must be switched off before being connected to the batteries. When the charging process begins, the RED LED illuminates. After reaching approx. 80% charge, the RED LED will change to green, BUT LEAVE THE BATTERIES CONNECTED UNTIL READY FOR USE.

To check that the battery is fully charged, turn off the AC power or remove the charging connector for about 30 seconds then re-connect. The RED LED should light momentarily then go GREEN. On this type of charger the battery may be left connected indefinitely as overcharging is impossible.